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Welcome to RAYSUN Telematics

RAYSUN Telematics Inc, founded in 2016 is a global provider of Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Fuel Monitoring and solutions. Our Headquarters is located in USA and branch in Hyderabad and we have our presence in many countries through our support centres, distributors and dealers. We have established our reputation in the field of GPS Vehicle Tracking and emerged as one of the leading provider of GPS system solutions. Raysun Telematics has now become one of the leading companies in the GPS tracking industry in India. We have been providing customers our products at reasonable prices and with high quality services. Therefore, our clients are highly satisfied and they become our loyal customers.

Raysun Telematics is an International based GPS system solutions company leveraging its domain knowledge in the field of GPS vehicle tracking. Our advanced GPS tracking system supports multiple kinds of GPS tracking devices (All most all leading GPS device brands and models) that are available in the market today.

Our Services

Innovative, technology focused, business driven end-to-end IT Solutions Company.

GPS Tracking Devices

RAYSUN provides a GPS vehicle tracking solution that has been developed completely by experts and took the feedback of our business team but most importantly on the experience of our customers. Our solution is in an ever-changing process, based on main streams

Intelligence Devices

We present you with the opportunity to transform your organization via AI development with a shot at our artificial development skills as we build for you adaptive and smart tools and also products.

GPS Tracking Services in India

Raysun Telematics helps enterpreneurs who are interested in GPS vehicle tracking business. Since 2016 we have been providing Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

Showcase Gallery

Recent News

18 Jul 2018

AIS 140 -- Latest Automotive Industry Standard Introduced By The Automotive Research Association Of India (ARAI)

The AIS-140 is the latest Automotive Industry Standard introduced by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), and deals with the requisite safety features required on public transport and commercial vehicles. The MoRTH issued a directive stating that AIS-140 should be implemented on all new and existing vehicles by 1 April 2018.

15 Feb 2018

The government is all set to make global positioning system (GPS) equipment mandatory in all public transport service vehicles from April 1, 2018.

02 February 2018

The Government of India has passed a regulation that all public service vehicles as defined under Clause 35 (2) of Section 2 of the Act will have fitments of location tracking devices and one or more emergency buttons.

Our ready to use business solutions:

i)   GPS Vehicle Tracking System

iii)  Workforce Management System

iv)  Fleet Management System (FMS)

v)  GPS Personal tracking system

vi)  Personal car tracking system

vii)  GPS tracking solutions integration with ERP systems

Why choose RAYSUN?

One Step GPS is your reliable and affordable GPS tracking partner. We offer the latest GPS tracking technology at the best value.

  • Real-time tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • View all vehicles on one screen
  • Google Maps, Satellite and Street views
  • Live traffic updates
  • See all routes, stops, addresses and durations.
  • Unsafe driving alerts (e.g. harsh braking, fast acceleration and speeding)
  • Excessive idling or prolonged stop alerts
  • Geo-fence and after hours driving alerts
  • Vehicle service reminders based on mileage
  • Fuel cost monitoring
  • Custom reporting
  • 100% web based (desktop and mobile) – no software required
  • Unlimited users – control access levels
  • Lifetime technical and customer service support

Our Clients