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Before even RAYSUN INC. came into existence we proved ourselves by emerging into market, trained several candidates, successfully gave support and placed many candidates across USA. Nowadays companies are constantly playing catch up to new technologies,experiences and services to stay afloat. We came up with an intention to support these individuals who wanted to get into these companies. Also, RAYSUN INC. supports several software consulting companies and provides development support for their challenging software projects as well as to their employees. We are in this business to help individuals as well as other businesses grow and move forward. RAYSUN INC. Group mainly focus on building a culture of innovation and break through thinking withdistinctive results. We are a focused on your personal and professional development along with the overall growth of the organization. Our approach enables our customers to increase their productivity. We help you grow and transform you with new technology and operational effectiveness. RAYSUN INC. offers the most competitive solutions in Software Development, Technology, Outsourcing, Training and Consulting. Our philosophy is simple. We are a customer service organization that happens to do IT support..

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Our aim is to assist the growth and development of early experience professionals within Software Industry and along with that we would like to emerge into different fields and expand our group not limited to IT sector and provide our services in what best we can. Our company is managed by a group of dynamic and creative entrepreneurs. We do provide online training, assistance and promote IT environment for young professionals. As part of our work we look to assist in the career decisions of current experienced or non-experienced persons who are contemplating what opportunities are open to them, making them aware of what the software industry can offer in USA and giving them a support if they decide to join.

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